Hunt Game Studios

Hunt Game Studios is an independent studio based out of Kirkland, WA. We’re focused on creating games that evoke the atmosphere and style of the Silver Age of gaming while introducing new concepts and innovations. We aspire to capture the magic of the era by utilizing a balanced blend of gameplay and narrative.

On Gheldia

Taking inspiration from classic series such as Mana, Zelda, and Y’s, along with a lifetime love of fantasy books and films, we’re crafting Gheldia with a mixture of traditional and non-traditional elements that apply to the game’s systems, characters, and story. We’re putting extra care into every meticulous detail to produce a truly exciting game for the ages. It’s been a gratifying and challenging journey creating Gheldia and soon it’ll be your turn to live the adventure!

Team Gheldia

  • Phillip Hunt – Director, Programming, Game Design, Character/World Design
  • Lewis Hunt – Character/World Design, Game Design
  • Daniel Lam – Original Artwork, Character/World Design
  • Andrew Aversa (zircon) and Michael Worth – Original Music