Release Date: 2017

Platform: PC


The valiant Centurions have fallen in a decisive battle against the Draken. With the balance of power shifting to the beasts, Alarik has begun spreading terror across Aldunia. The grand Overseers of Gheldia have called upon their greatest asset, the Aetherian Guard, to quell the threat. Their scouts have discovered that Ghelganoth, the Obsidian Queen of the Draken, has fortified herself off the coast of Higaria. Feeling that a preemptive strike against the Draken will destabilize the beasts, the Aetherian Guard assembles their finest warriors. The high commander’s apprentice, Lor, is chosen to lead the mission. To ensure the prosperity of the realm, the Aetherian Guard set sail for Higaria to lay siege on the Draken Spire.


  • Journey as Lor across Higaria in a 16-bit inspired 2-D Adventure RPG.
  • Use an arsenal of weapons and spells to battle against beasts in real-time action oriented combat.
  • Take a non-linear approach to the adventure by tackling regions as you see fit.
  • Utilize various tools to uncover branching paths and reach untold treasures and secrets.
  • Use the essence of beasts to forge new items and equipment, each with a unique effect to help customize your playing experience.


Enemy – Harpy

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The Harpy is a winged beast that inhabits the coasts, hills, and mountains of Aldunia.

Enemy – Armadillion

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The Armadillion is a small but powerful creature that usually keeps to itself unless provoked.

Enemy – Assassin

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The Assassin is part of a guild of highly trained combatants that specialize in guerrilla warfare.

Enemy – Specter

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The Specter is the soul of a vengeful being that refuses death.