Gheldia gets a makeover

By February 12, 2016Artwork, Gheldia, Pixel

We felt that Gheldia needed a visual overhaul in order to bring our vision to reality. For this undertaking we’ve brought on a new team member.

Please welcome Daniel Lam!

Daniel is an artist who has worked with such companies as Arc System Works and Sega on their most popular titles, and we’re thrilled to have him contributing his skills to this project. Daniel is handling the in-game pixel graphics in addition to hand drawn artwork. You can head over to his site (Radiant Dreamer) for more of his works.

As for Gheldia, we’re kicking off the updates with a new logo!


We’re also updating all the characters and environments to make the game look its best. Check out this comparison between the old and new Lor.


Old vs New Lor Comparison

Lastly, we have some new concept artwork for Lor.


New Lor Concept Artwork